55th Akiba Rubinstein Chess Festival 2019 Tournament Rules


-Lower Silesian Chess Federation

-The Spa Theater – Center for Culture and Promotion


Tournament groups:

OPEN A – tournament with the FIDE rating above 1800.

OPEN B – senior tournament: men from 60 years, women from 50 years.

OPEN C – tournament of players with the FIDE rating up to 2000 and without the FIDE ranking

OPEN D – tournament for children under 14 years

OPEN E – tournament for children under 10 years

OPEN F – tournament for people without a chess category


The system of games:

OPEN A, B – 9 Swiss system, 9 rounds, rate of play: 90 min / 40 move. + 30 min + 30 s / move.

OPEN C, D, E, F – Swiss system, 9 rounds, rate of play: 90 min + 30 s / move.

Groups A, B, C, D, E will be reported for the FIDE ranking.


Teatr Zdrojowy, Polanica-Zdrój, ul. Parkowa 2

The tournament office will be open on 16.08.2019 from 14:00 at the Spa Theater.

Festival website: www.rubinstein.dzszach.pl


16.08.2018 confirmation of participation by 21:00

17-25.08.2018, 9:30 rounds I-IX of group C, D, E, F

17-25.08.2018 15:00  rounds I-IX of group A, B, K

26.08.2018 14:00 closing ceremony group C, D, E, F

26.08.2018 20:00, closing ceremony group A, B

Entry fee:


FIDE 1800-1899 ranking – PLN 170

FIDE 1900-1999 ranking – PLN 160

FIDE 2000-2199 ranking – PLN 150

FIDE ranking from PLN 2200 – PLN 130

The organizer has the right to allow no more than 10 players with the FIDE rating from 1600 to 1799 according to the FIDE list of 1.08.2019 to participate in OPEN A. The entry fee for those players is 200 PLN.

OPEN B – PLN 120, players born before 1939, exempt from entry fee

OPEN C (FIDE ranking up to 2000) – PLN 150

OPEN D and E – PLN 70 , OPEN F – PLN 40

The entry fee includes classification and ranking fees for PZSzach and FIDE registration fees.

Players with titles GM, IM, WGM, WIM exempt from entry fee. In order to set detailed terms, please contact the organizer.

KS Polanica-Zdrój players are exempt from the entry fee.

The entry fee may be paid into the account of the Lower Silesian Chess Association

Raiffaisen Bank IBAN: PL30 1750 0012 0000 0000 3990 6527 until 13.08.2019.

The entry fee payable in cash on the tournament office is higher by PLN 10.


applications until 1.08.2019

e-mail: polanica@dzszach.pl

online form on tournament websites at www.rubinstein.dzszach.pl  or http://chessarbiter.com/turnieje.php

Lower Silesian Chess Federation, 50-529 Wrocław, ul. Borowska 1-3, email: biuro@dzszach.pl



OPEN A (from 1800 FIDE) – 1st place PLN 4 000

OPEN B (senior tournament) – 1st place PLN 1 500

OPEN C (up to 2000 FIDE) – 1st place PLN 2 000

OPEN D, E, F – material or financial awards, gifts and diplomas for all participants

10% of participants receive prizes in each group.


Final Provisions:

The current FIDE rules apply.

The playerr may be late for a 30-minute round.

In all groups, it is forbidden to accept draw proposals before 30 moves, without permission of the arbiter.

Players or guardians are responsible for the playing ability. Players are insured at their own expense.

During the festival, accompanying events will take place: blitz and rapid chess tournaments, cultural and sports events.

The final interpretation of the tournament regulation belongs to the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to change this tournament regulation. Participation in the tournament is tantamount to consent to the processing of players personal data for the needs of the tournament: publication of results, reporting of DZSzach and PZSzach, as well as consent for the free recording and dissemination of the image in the form of photographs for documentary purposes.

Tournament rules Polanica 2018 english

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